古里原発1号―シャットダウン!-なにもしない安倍出戻り総理(Kori No 1 Nuclear Power Plant Shut Down! Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that does nothing.)

brg131128a.gif   韓国の危険な原発一
(a)古里原発の位置                  (b)風向き(対馬:厳原)
 ※1 (a)図は(2)と国土地理院地図で作成
 ※2 (b)図は(3)より引用
 図ー1 古里原発の位置と風向き(Wind direction and the position of the Kori nuclear power plant)

 2012年 2月9日 ―全電源喪失(古里1号)
 2012年10月2日 ―非常用電源喪失事故
 2013年 6月   ―部品の検査成績書のねつ造が発覚し、部品交換の為に停止しました(2)。

18 at around 1:00 am November 28, commercial nuclear power plants in South Korea's oldest, (Busan, 580,000 kilowatts output) Kori Unit 1 nuclear power plant has stopped operating at fault. Officials are "seen as a failure of turbine equipment system. In an effort to understand the exact cause" he said.The nuclear power plant has just caused the trouble and all loss of power accident, emergency diesel generators such as stopping.
 About 200km from Kyushu, is located at about 70km from Tsushima Kori nuclear power plant. Wind around here, so is blowing from north to south in general, radioactive large amount of material will be flying to the northern Kyushu and Tsushima accident once they arise.
 see Fig.1
But (=^・^=) thinks "wind" so is blowing towards Japan, the impact on Korea is less.
 The oldest (older) nuclear power plant, the nuclear power plant celebrated 30 years of design life in 2007 in South Korea, which began operating in 1978, but was extended in '10. In addition, it has just finished the regular inspection October 5.
Kori nuclear power plant has caused the trouble, even recently.
February 9, 2012 : All power loss (Kori No1 Unit)
October 2, 2012 :Emergency power loss - October 2, 2012
June 2013 - :fabrication of the inspection report of the part discovered, was stopped for part replacement (2).
There was a break in the operation 673 times in 35 years nuclear power plant in Korea. Interruption of operation 192 times has been happening in Kori Unit 1 that stopped this time. If you '35 operating period, it is stopped at a rate of five and a half times per year.
(=^・^=) thinks that Prime Minister Abe should request to South Korea so as to stop the operation until safety is confirmed. But Prime Minister Abe does not do anything.Those of South Korea and nuclear power is more important than the safety of the people in the Prime Minister Abe.

(1)Chosun Online | 朝鮮日報
(2)Kori Nuclear Power Plant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(3)原発運転開始から35年 稼動中断は672回=韓国

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